Personalize your hearing experience

ReSound Mobile Apps

ReSound Smart 3D App

Personalize and control your ReSound ONE, LiNX 3D and ReSound ENZO 3D Hearing aids directly from your smart phone. Access everything you need for a quick adjustment right from the start screen. The ability to request remote adjustments to your hearing aids when coming into office for appointment are not an option.

ReSound Smart App

Imagine balancing the tone of a concert or a conversation ‘til it sounds just right’. Or adjusting the noise around you when sitting in a restaurant – just like that! The ReSound Smart app does all that – and much, much more.

ReSound Control App

Depend on your Android™ smartphone to keep track of your life? Now there is an app that lets you control your hearing aids too.

ReSound Relief App

Anyone with tinnitus can benefit from the ReSound Relief app as part of a tinnitus management program.

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